Monday, 27 July 2009

Always after 10

In almost any nation, almost anywhere in the world, I would bet that the secret life of the working mother begins after 10. Work finished, children in bed, hopefully settled, husband fed, sometimes by his own hand, hopefully sated. Everything tidied, notes left for the childcare, the cleaner, the window cleaner. Blackberry checked one final time (almost last time that is - what's midnight for after all?). Then it's out with the computer and on with connecting around the world. If only we really did all connect with each other, working mothers might actually feel less alone! Of course I can hear everyone say, stop with the complaining already, it's not only working mothers. Ah yes. But do you choose to order next term's uniform after 10? I doubt it. And were you woken up not once not twice but three times by your jet-lagged children? Also - I doubt it. Of course, you're thinking. Jet lag. Means holiday. Means far away location. Means not such a bad life after all.

And you would be right.


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