Friday, 13 March 2009

Another breakfast when I wheedle, cajole, plead and eventually shout at my three year old to get her to eat quickly enough so we can get to school. The school run never gets any easier. I love doing it but the stress of making three beds, dressing one child, feeding two, empting a dishwasher, making breakfast and putting at least some effort into my appearance so I'm presentable for work is sometimes too much. Thank heavens for growing up! I keep thinking it will get easier. Then of course we step out of the door, the spring morning is mild and chill against my face, there's a hint of light which may be sun, and then we're walking across the gorgeous park, avoiding dogs, looking for wriggly worms and discussing the day ahead. The child who wouldn't eat is suddenly laughing and singing in her Iggle-Piggle hat, zooming off on her schooter. That's why I love it.


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