Monday, 17 August 2009

More women graduates finding jobs than men

Last week the story was that most women don't like a female boss. Today, the Higher Education Statistics Agency published research saying that female graduates are more likely to get jobs than their male counterparts (

In principle, I don't suppose it would be unreasonable to imagine that if there are more female graduates going into employment, there are also more likely to be more female managers and directors (aka the boss - the unpopular, female kind) within the next one or two decades.

I'm not entirely convinced that reality will bear out this apparent logical solution, not least as the research doesn't identify the type of employment so many more women than men have managed to find. It is very possible that whilst there are more women in the workplace, the bulk of the most senior and best remunerated roles - especially at board level - will still be dominated by men.

But it does raise a question about the long term future of women and of course mothers in the workplace, once women begin to outnumber men across all echelons, especially in management roles.

We may not be popular as managers - but if there are more of us, than either the concept of being a boss will need to evolve - which I believe is likely in any case, and is indeed already happening - or women are going to need to adopt new behaviours, which I think is less likely.


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